A family tradition of excellence


We Bring Valuable Experience and Knowledge

A.G. Layne is a third generation, family-owned chemical distributor. We’ve been around since 1964, combining our many years of knowledge and experience with the energy and vitality of a start-up company.

Looking beyond the industry challenges of regulation and aging concepts, A.G. Layne sees opportunity for innovation and growth.

Our value prosposition is clear and simple. We’re here to build relationships with each of our customers while meeting their needs. It also means establishing a safe, competitively priced, and reliable supply chain.

Building on a Solid Foundation

In 1964, Shell Oil Company launched a company to distribute their quality fuels, lubricants, and solvents. After a few years, Alton G. Layne, a Shell employee, bought the business from Shell.

From then on, the name A.G. Layne became synonymous with a trusted family-owned business dedicated to serving major industrial markets. Today, we continue this tradition as a top-rated regional distributor in the Pacific Southwest known for reliability and customer relationships.



We Focus On Teamwork for Success

One of the true strengths of A.G. Layne is our team. From top to bottom, we’re committed to employee retention, longevity and growth. In fact, the average A.G. Layne employee has been with our company over eleven years while some team members have been here for over 38 years.

As our company grows, our team of close-knit professionals grows to fill new positions and leadership roles with the valuable understanding of the importance of what they do. Above all, our team knows how to perform their duties safely, correctly and respectfully with ongoing attention to communication skills and team building activities.

This consistent awareness to the work ethic is important because we are in the hazardous chemicals industry. The A.G. Layne team understands this is a big responsibility. While our ingredients are vital for everyday life in modern society, they come with hazards that need to be mitigated and dealt with properly.

Job #1: Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

With over 50 years in the distribution business, A.G. Layne has never let up on working to maintain our customer relationships. We partner with your company by providing just what you need to succeed in your business. Our philosophy is three-fold:

  1. Offer the Best Price – Through our world-class supplier relationships and low overhead, A.G. Layne is well positioned to aid your company’s bottom line.

  2. Deliver Efficient and Reliable Service – When contacting our family-owned enterprise, you are piped in directly to a decision maker who is able to answer your questions quickly and accurately with full knowledge of our costs and available inventory. Whether you contact us via text email or phone, you are sure to get the answers you need.

  3. Rely on Safe Delivery of High Quality Products – At A.G. Layne, we work with world-class chemical producers and suppliers so we know our products are of the highest quality. Plus, we operate our own truck fleet of packaged trucks and tankers for delivery you can count upon. For maximum safety, our chemical handlers and truck drivers are trained on a regular basis.

What’s more, A.G. Layne inspectors subject all inbound bulk materials to rigorous inspections and quality controls. We provide Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets upon request.

We Only Sell Specific Industrial Quantities

At A.G.Layne, we specialize in business–to-business transactions. Our role in the marketplace is to serve as a valuable intermediary between an industrial end-user and the chemical refiner or upstream bulk supplier.

The A.G. Layne customer profile reflects a business that consumes industrial quantities of the products that we provide on a regular basis as part of their industrial process or service. For example, the some of the business uses are:

• Bulk Tank Trucks
• Tote Bins or IBCs
• 55-gallon Drums
• Pallets of 5-gallon Pails or 1-gallon Bottles

For further clarification, A.G. Layne does not service:

• Retail end-users
• “Do-It-Yourself” chemists or at home formulators
• Laboratories looking for reagents or samples

A.G. Layne Commitment to Safety: It is a top priority that we ensure our chemicals end up with only vetted and well established businesses that have trained personnel who can use our materials safely and responsibly.



05 Feb, 1964

The Launch of A.G. Layne

The Launch of A.G. Layne
Founder Alton G. Layne opens his company to distribute quality fuels, lubricants and solvents.
17 Jan, 1977

Ted Lee takes over A.G. Layne

Ted Lee takes over A.G. Layne

His partner Dick Tashima (L) is pictured here with him in 1986. Theodore (Ted) Lee incorporates A.G. Layne into the Lee Family.

20 Jun, 1990

A Significant Membership Move

As one of the first members of the ACD, the Alliance for Chemical Distribution (formerly the National Association of Chemical Distributors), A.G. Layne raises the company to the next level in terms of compliance, safety, environmental standards and quality.
07 Jul, 1994

Success Requires Another Location

Success Requires Another Location

To partner with its longtime Los Angeles location, A.G. Layne establishes a full service branch in Phoenix. Arizona

05 May, 1996

Continuing the Legacy

Michael Lee Sr. and his brothers take over leadership from their father, Ted Lee, thereby bringing the multi-million dollar company into its second generation.
17 Nov, 2006

Making a Name with Acetone

Making a Name with Acetone

A.G. Layne becomes a significant buyer of large quantities of Acetone through the founding of DMK Terminals.

15 Apr, 2013

Debut on the World Stage

Debut on the World Stage

Through direct importing of chemical cargoes from around the world, A.G. Layne establishes itself as a global company on the rise.

24 Jan, 2016

Rail Bulks Up Business

Rail Bulks Up Business

A.G. Layne begins pulling in full railcars from worldclass chemical producers and distributors in North America increasing its bulk deliveries and service through “railing”.

06 Sep, 2021

Interstate Operations Grow

Interstate Operations Grow

A.G. Layne’s growing capabilities and services highlight expanded and increased interstate trucking operations covering Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas.

31 Mar, 2023

A Star Player Joins the Team

A Star Player Joins the Team

Growing its warehousing and chemical blending capabilities, A.G. Layne acquires Sunland Chemical & Research, a company noted since 1962 for its valued assets and practices of high-quality sustainability.