A.G. Layne is the #1 supplier of VOC exempt solvents in Southern California. This is significant because VOC exempt solvents do not contribute to the creation of ozone in the atmosphere. Another name for ozone is “smog”. VOC exempt solvents help businesses get the job done while working to keep our air clean and “smog-free.”

We distribute Acetone, Methyl Acetate, PCBTF and Propylene Carbonate all of which are 100% VOC exempt per the SCAQMD under Rule 102. It’s just one example of our continuing dedication to exploring ways to reduce our impact on the environment with clean air solvents.

And our efforts don’t stop there. We work with re-useable solvents and recycled solvents as well. Instead of sending these streams to waste sites, A.G. Layne finds a way to give them new life.

Ask your A.G. Layne sales rep on how you can take advantage of these exceptional processes today.