• Glycol Ether DB

    A clear colorless liquid that formulators find attractive due to its solubility in water, slow evaporation rate, and high boiling point.

  • Glycerine 99.7% USP Kosher

    A colorless, odorless, thick vicious liquid, that is sweet to the taste, and non-toxic.

  • Ethylene Glycol

    Ethylene Glycol is a clear, colorless liquid, with a slight odor, completely water miscible.

  • Dipropylene Glycol (DPG)

    A colorless, near odorless liquid with low toxicity that is soluble in water.


    A clear, colorless liquid, insoluble with water featuring a low aromatic content and a very slight sweet odor.

  • Benzyl Alcohol

    A colorless, water white liquid with a pleasant aromatic odor.