Water white oil with a pleasant orange citrus odor. It is a biodegradable Aliphatic Hydrocarbon classified as a Cyclic Monoterpene and is derived from the oil from citrus fruit peels.

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Orange Terpenes
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Regulatory Status:
non-HAPS, 100% VOC per SCAQMD
Primary Applications:

D’Limonene can be used as an intermediate in the manufacture of Carvone. It is also utilized commercially as a biodegradable cleaner and degreaser.

Industry Uses:

It is very often used as a fragrance ingredient in Cosmetics and Air Fresheners with a citrus scent that reminds one of oranges. D’Limonene is also utilized in the manufacture of herbicides and insecticides. Less toxic than the traditional degreasers like Xylene or Toluene, it is also often used as a biodegradable paint stripper, parts cleaner or degreaser.

Safety Precautions:
D’Limonene is a highly combustible solvent. It must be handled with the proper Personal Protective Equipment. Please refer to the SDS for any questions or concerns.
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