Ethyl Acetate

A colorless liquid with a sweet smell that is slightly soluble in.

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Acetic Acid Ethyl Ester, Acetic Ester, ETAC, Ethyl Acetic Ester, Ethyl Ethanoate
Package Sizes
  • Drum
Regulatory Status:
non-HAPS, 100% VOC per SCAQMD
Primary Applications:

Ethyl Acetate gains most of its usage in chemical distribution. One major application is in the extraction of caffeine from tea and coffee.

Industry Uses:

Ethyl Acetate is commonly used in chemical distribution. It is an excellent solvent for paint and coatings thinning including for nail polishes. It is also used in:

  • Chemical extraction
  • Circuit board cleaning
  • Perfumes
  • Flavorings
  • Fragrances
Safety Precautions:
Ethyl Acetate is a highly flammable solvent. It must be handled with the proper Personal Protective Equipment. Please refer to the SDS for any questions or concerns.
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