• A Star Player Joins the Team

    Growing its warehousing and chemical blending capabilities, A.G. Layne acquires Sunland Chemical & Research, a company noted since 1962 for its valued assets and practices of high-quality sustainability.

  • Interstate Operations Grow

    A.G. Layne’s growing capabilities and services highlight expanded and increased interstate trucking operations covering Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas.

  • Rail Bulks Up Business

    A.G. Layne begins pulling in full railcars from worldclass chemical producers and distributors in North America increasing its bulk deliveries and service through “railing”.

  • Debut on the World Stage

    Through direct importing of chemical cargoes from around the world, A.G. Layne establishes itself as a global company on the rise.

  • Making a Name with Acetone

    A.G. Layne becomes a significant buyer of large quantities of Acetone through the founding of DMK Terminals.

  • Continuing the Legacy

    Michael Lee Sr. and his brothers take over leadership from their father, Ted Lee, thereby bringing the multi-million dollar company into its second generation.